Cornerstone Team

Mike Smith

Mike Smith contributes more than a decade of experience in
the development, implementation and management of campaign
strategies in the fields of government relations and political affairs.

In his current role at Cornerstone Government Affairs, he advises a
broad array of non-profit, corporate and tribal entities on a host of
issues before the federal government including education,
financial services, health care, transportation, technology, tax, budget
and appropriations matters.   Prior to joining Cornerstone, Mike
spent three years as a partner in the Governmental Affairs section of
a leading international law firm where he focused his lobbying efforts
on legislative, executive agency and regulatory issues.

Mike has extensive experience and remains heavily involved in Democratic politics at the local, state and federal levels.  Mike remains heavily engaged with the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee where he serves as a Member of the Majority Trust Legacy Circle.  In 2004, DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe appointed Mike to the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention. Previously, he served as the Midwest Political Director for the Gore 2000 and Gore-Lieberman 2000 campaigns, where he coordinated the campaign’s efforts in 15 states in the battleground Midwest. In 1996, Mr. Smith served as a liaison between the White House, campaign staff and local, state and federal officials as a member of the National Advance Staff for the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign.

Mike continues to provide both substantive policy counsel and strategic political advice to a broad range of elected officials, candidates and staff at every level of government. Mike maintains a solid, nationwide network of Democratic officials and operatives and provides clients with unique perspectives on the effectiveness of strategic planning, legislative campaigns and political activity.

Mike earned a law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1996, after graduating cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Government & International Relations in 1993.