Political Consulting & Political Action Committees

Political Consulting & Political Action Committees

Cornerstone helps corporations, associations, and issues-based groups establish, manage and grow successful political action committees (PACs) to financially support candidates for public office.

Cornerstone’s suite of PAC advisory services includes political counsel, long-range planning, in-depth budgeting assistance and strategic guidance for organizations engaged in various levels of political giving.

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Our Services

  • Recruiting PAC supporters
  • Establishing a PAC budget
  • Targeting campaign contributions
  • Optimizing the delivery of donations
  • Establishing a PAC Board/Advisory Committee
  • Registering with the FEC
  • Selecting PAC Treasurer
  • Filing FEC Reports
  • Establishing PAC bank accounts
  • Bookkeeping for PAC bank accounts
  • Financial reporting
  • Attaining multicandidate status
  • Hosting fundraising events
  • Strategic giving
  • PAC stakeholder communications