Grant Consulting

Grant Consulting

Cornerstone’s grant consulting service, OpsWatch, provides assessment and identification of federal funding opportunities across a broad and diverse set of industry sectors, including, but not limited to energy and environment, higher education, health and health care, technology, local and tribal governments.

The OpsWatch Grant Consulting team helps Cornerstone clients navigate the complicated federal grant space by continuously surveying a large net of federal opportunities; grant notices, Requests for Information, Broad Agency Announcements and meeting notices to provide individualized guidance on those competitive opportunities most worth pursuing. The expertise of the OpsWatch team lies in their ability to guide clients through the complex landscape of federal funding, with a comprehensive understanding of agency priorities, functions and capabilities. Moreover, the OpsWatch team analyzes legislative measures to glean an understanding of impacts on agencies and relevant grant programs, and then utilizes uses the analysis to inform recommendations for the client’s holistic federal funding strategy.

Serving as a standalone service or fully integrated into a larger scope of services, OpsWatch works with the larger Cornerstone Federal Government Relations team to develop advocacy strategies to further support the pursuit of grants, including outreach to agencies and key decision-makers.

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Our Services

  • Tailoring OpsWatch updates based on clients’ priorities, strengths and interests
  • Curating individualized reports of open, forecasted and previous federal funding opportunities for client requests
  • Tracking developments to and forecasting of competitive grant opportunities
  • Production of deliverables related to competitive federal funding, beyond OpsWatch reports. For example, a grants specific issue area landscape analysis, memorandums, readouts of agency activities such as webinars and workshops, a pre-application assessment of fit for a funding opportunity