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Energy & Environment Services

Cornerstone’s Energy and Environment Practice Group helps a wide range of companies, trade associations, and coalitions pursue public policy objectives and influence legislative and administrative decisions.

Our team is made up of former congressional and federal and state agency staff with years of public and private sector experience who continue to maintain strong relationships and work closely with Congress as well as all the federal agencies with jurisdiction over energy and environment policy.

We have successfully assisted our clients in securing and defending hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for energy programs and research and development. We also assist our clients in supporting project approvals and introducing new technologies into the marketplace.

Similarly, our team has worked with Congress and federal and state agencies on environmental legislation, policy, and regulation. Our team led the development of the fee-for-service program, which gives pesticide manufacturers greater certainty on registration decision timeframes – enabling them to plan their R&D investments with more predictability. Since its first enactment, we have successfully managed a multi-association coalition which advocates for funding and two reauthorizations of the program. We routinely assist clients in their interactions with federal and state regulators on products.

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Our Expertise

  • Renewable fuels
  • Fossil Fuel exploration and generation
  • Nuclear power and waste management
  • Regulation of baseload generation
  • Electricity transmission, distribution, and wholesale markets
  • Superfund and Brownfield programs
  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • Chemical and pesticide regulations, including TSCA, FIFRA, and PRIA
  • Land and water conservation and use
  • Protection of natural resources