Will Cousineau

Springfield, Illinois

Will Cousineau

Springfield, Illinois

Quick Facts

  • Longest serving political director to Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan and the Democratic Caucus of the Illinois House of Representatives
  • Involved in the strategic development and passage of most major legislative initiatives over the past 10 years
  • Maintained and grew House Democratic majority as political director over four campaign cycles

Will's Bio

Will Cousineau joined Cornerstone’s Springfield, Illinois office in June 2017. Will comes to the firm after nearly 18 years working for Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, including eight years as political director for the Speaker and the Democratic Party of Illinois.

Will was the longest serving political director for Speaker Madigan and most recently served as senior advisor to the Speaker. Over the past 10 years, Will worked directly with Speaker Madigan to shape, develop and implement the strategy and messaging for the Speaker’s legislative and political agenda and the agendas of every member of the House Democratic Caucus. He also developed the implementation of political, legislative and outreach strategies for House Democratic Caucus members and all aspects of the Illinois House’s political operation.

During his time with the Speaker’s office, Will was involved in the major initiatives that moved through the Legislature over the past ten years, including such legislation concerning utilities, conceal and carry, financial institutions, and civil laws. Additionally, Will was intimately involved in the 2010 drawing of legislative districts, including new districts in the suburban region that have helped House Democrats expand and maintain their majority. While many democratic legislative caucuses across the country lost record numbers of seats during his tenure and every legislative chamber in the Midwest outside Illinois became Republican controlled, Will guided the Illinois House caucus and the Democratic Party of Illinois through a period of expansion and maintained a healthy majority for Illinois House Democrats.

Will’s long tenure with the House, experience with message development, crisis management, grassroots organizing and input on political campaigns for offices throughout the state, gives Will an ability to understand complex legislative and political problems, easily digest those issues for members and clients and put together a collaborative and detailed action plan for moving forward.

In 2014, Will and his wife, Macy, adopted three sisters from Latvia. This experience has shaped their family, has given them the opportunity to speak with others about adoption and has encouraged their family to assist others who are adopting children both internationally and domestically. In 2016, Will and Macy’s family grew with the arrival of their son.

In his spare time, Will is active in his church and serves on the Board of Elders. Will currently resides in Chatham, IL with his wife and four children.



BS, Government Pre-law