May 29, 2020

COVID-19 Reopening Priorities

As we continue to see cities and states open slowly but surely, there are a number of important reopening strategies and perspectives to consider for the health and safety of the workforce. Although there are general market guidelines, each company must determine what is best for its operations and employees.

Since we’ve seen resiliency and dedication towards existing sustainability and ESG programs,  we felt this was an opportunity to proactively help companies align their reopening priorities with an ESG reporting framework: COVID-19 Reopening Priorities

This document seeks to ensure that a company’s efforts are tied directly to its health, safety and sustainability metrics—hopefully helping clients save time and effort to determine how to best incorporate these factors.

We have provided an ‘ESG-Aligned Matrix’ broken into “E” “S” and “G” categories to facilitate integrated reporting of these crucial priorities.

Please note: This is not meant to represent advice for how to reopen, but rather how reopening aligns with transparent ESG disclosure.