February 27, 2024

Cornerstone’s Unique Political Brain Trust: PAC Services

Cornerstone’s staff possesses a wealth of political experience. Arguably, every professional at the firm has a distinguished record of political engagement. Cornerstone’s Political Action Committee (PAC) advisory working group, a distinctive feature of the firm’s Advisory Services business line, creates a political brain trust by convening some of our most seasoned experts with diverse political backgrounds. The collective political experience of the advisory working group provides Cornerstone clients with a strategic, well-rounded perspective as they approach political activities.

Cornerstone’s PAC advisory working group offers a unique blend of expertise and strategic insight. Having served as key advisors to numerous legislative and executive leaders at the federal, state and local levels, members of the working group have played a fundamental role in multiple reelection campaigns in addition to working for Party leadership. Each individual has a track record of service that demonstrates their commitment to supporting both Republican and Democratic candidates.

This political brain trust provides invaluable guidance and counsel contributing to Cornerstone’s ongoing election outlook series, monthly PAC newsletters, political speaking engagements and opportunities to interact with political operatives.

The value of this offering, coupled with government relations services, sets Cornerstone apart in maximizing each client’s success when navigating the complex landscape of political engagement.