August 31, 2021

A One-Stop-Shop for PAC Services

The general store played an important role in community life in American history. With a wide range of products from food staples to fabrics and other finished goods, the one-stop-shop allowed customers to deal with a single trusted merchant for a variety of needs.

Cornerstone, as a full-service public affairs firm, is a lot like the general store in that we offer a growing suite of services to our clients, including advisory services for Political Action Committees (PACs).

By coupling PAC services with our expertise in federal and state government relations, public affairs and strategic communications, and other advisory services, including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Cornerstone meets a variety of organizational needs, all under one roof.

Because Cornerstone’s political expertise is broad and diverse, our team knows why PACs help organizations achieve results. By starting a PAC, your organization can pool stakeholder resources to directly contribute to the election of candidates whose public policy decisions align with the company’s priorities and principles. These political contributions, executed through the PAC under your organization’s brand, provide an important source of support for like-minded officials and foster an enhanced understanding of policy priorities. Another benefit of a PAC is gaining additional access points to important elected officials, which allows the opportunity to educate policymakers about your organization’s operations and goals related to legislative and regulatory priorities.

Corporations, associations, and other organizations count on Cornerstone’s PAC team for strategic guidance, long-range planning, political counsel. and in-depth budgeting assistance. These entities also rely on Cornerstone to manage the administrative requirements of running a PAC. We actively manage Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing requirements, provide support for the PAC establishment phase, assist in creating a strategic giving plan, and continually consult with clients on PAC growth and activities, such as permissible fundraising and solicitation methods.

Our approach to growing PACs is tailored to your organization’s needs. By channeling our passion for politics into crafting campaign finance strategies, we work alongside organizations to host high-impact events and deploy effective giving activities.

Unlike a simple technology solution, our PAC experts have the political know-how and relationships that organizations need to execute an effective campaign finance strategy. Cornerstone’s one-stop-shop advantage for PACs is simple: convenience and effectiveness. By offering a variety of services to PACs, Cornerstone helps organizations save time, enhance resources, and amplify their broader government relations agenda.