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Cornerstone Government Affairs operates ten standalone state offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago and Springfield, IL; Des Moines, Iowa; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Annapolis, Maryland; Jackson, Mississippi; Austin and Houston, Texas; and Richmond, Virginia. Each of these are bipartisan, full-service consulting firms that specialize in state government relations and lobbying. Utilizing the same philosophy and approach as our Washington office, we provide clients a broad and diverse range of services that are based on significant experience, broad expertise and solid working relationships throughout the Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia state governments.

Every day a legislator or government employee is debating an issue that could have a profound impact on the way you do business. Your state legislature enacts laws—or changes existing ones every legislative session.   At Cornerstone, we represent the interest of our clients for the purpose of influencing and/or affecting legislation or regulations. We understand the policies of legislation, the process of how a bill becomes law, and how to influence bills before they become law.  Furthermore, we have built key relationships and contacts on both sides of the aisle that can help navigate our clients successfully through state and local government.

Our core capabilities center on the development and implementation of legislative and regulatory strategies aimed at decision makers in the state government. Our professionals have significant experience working in and with state and local government in all eight states.

Services include: