October 31, 2017

Cornerstone’s Offsite

“It’s so good to see you! Hello friend! How are you?”

Those are all statements that filled the air as my colleagues and I gathered for the 2017 Cornerstone Government Affairs Offsite retreat. My Jackson, Mississippi, team members and I joined with fellow staff members from D.C., Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas and Virginia to converge on Washington, D.C. for two days of discussions, presentations, and social events.

These greetings were words of familiarity and not unknowns. Those of us in the South are known for asking about your mama and them to those we encounter. Although all of our offices don’t have the good fortune to be located in the South, our unique firm culture cultivates relationships that are comparable to Southern hospitality and camaraderie.

The offsite kicked-off with details on the 15-year history of Cornerstone and a presentation on the state of the firm. Fortunately for all of us and especially for our clients, the state of the firm is really good! We are fortunate to enjoy stability, while maintaining consistent growth in personnel and revenue. We are a diverse, bipartisan group of individuals who unite to accomplish the goals of our clients and their needs. And we do this by incorporating the many strengths of our team.

Like any good team, we have teammates who are skilled and knowledgeable in many areas. Our retreat allowed us to highlight some of our strengths, foster stronger relationships and maximize the potential we have for the best interests of our clients. For example, my D.C. colleague, Amy Souders, has an extensive knowledge of public health issues and the legislative efforts that have taken place over the past decade plus. If there is any question about those issues, Amy knows the answer. My Texas colleague, Justin Jordan, was president of his state’s College Republicans and maintains solid relationships with chapters across the country. Matt Paul, my Public Affairs colleague, was the state director for the Clinton Kaine campaign in 2016 and has deep roots in political communications and media relations.

It’s helpful to be reminded of, and to learn about, all of our individual and team strengths so that we can put them to work on behalf of our clients.  Cornerstone’s strength truly comes from our professionals’ many levels of relationships, experiences and capabilities.  Whether a client requires the expertise of a team member from my state, D.C. or Illinois, Cornerstone is uniquely positioned to offer advice that places our clients in favorable positions in their many spheres of influence.

Our 2017 Cornerstone Offsite was a huge success, and we ended it by celebrating the 15 years we have been in existence.  It was clear that our brand is strong. Our reputation is solid. Our successes are quantifiable. Our impact is appreciated.