Cornerstone Team

Lydia Verheggen

Lydia Verheggen joined Cornerstone in 2017 as Consultant. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Lydia worked at Federal Solutions, LLC where she was responsible for federal government relations activities for a broad range of higher education clients, developing and executing strategies for appropriations and authorizing legislation, working with the Congress, the White House and the agencies to achieve the client’s objectives.  While at Federal Solutions, Lydia was instrumental in the formation and operation of OpsWatch, LLC providing a multi-faceted grant monitoring and writing service for clients.

Lydia began her career on the Senate Subcommittee on Education and then moved to the Department of Education. Prior to joining Federal Solutions, LLC she was a political fundraiser for Members of the House and Senate.

Lydia currently resides in Arlington Virginia with her husband, Ted.  They have three children and she actively serves on the Parent Council for The Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut.