Community Relations

The need for effective communications and community relations for any organization that is involved in public affairs activities at the state and local level is essential.

Competitive business and social pressures are forcing a redefinition of the relationship between organizations and the communities in which they operate. When an organization makes a commitment to the community as part of its business strategy, the approach not only helps attract and retain top employees, but also positions the organization positively among customers, partners, and suppliers; and increasingly improves their position in the market.

As such, Cornerstone, through its state and local offices, has developed significant capabilities to design and implement a wide range of communications, grassroots and community relations activities, including the following:

Implementing communications strategies in local and state media outlets;

We also have experience in coordinating special events that feature relationships between an organization and community partners, and building and maintaining liaisons with community stakeholders.

Cornerstone is able to assist organizations in enhancing meaningful relationships with targeted, high-level audiences by supporting appropriate interactions with both internal and external partners.

Leading organizations have realized that to succeed in a global economy, they must embrace the local economy as well with a new perspective on community relations. Positive, proactive connections to the community translate into an improved position in the market and positively impact the bottom line.