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Providing companies in the tax and financial services industry strategic advice and practical assistance with federal decision-makers to develop solutions for today's financial challenges.

Congress and the Administration are faced with a large slate of short- and long-term challenges on issues of tax policy. In 2015, Congress was confronted with over fifty business extenders that start the year already expired, including the R & D tax credit, section 179 deductions for small business, bonus depreciation, renewable tax credits, charitable taxprovisionsand many more. The Obama Administration has proposed billions of dollars of tax hikes on businesses and individuals to fund the extension of tax cuts and deal with mounting budget deficits. Congressional tax writing committees – the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance – are gearing up to draft a vast tax legislative measure. U.S.-based multinational companies are bracing for a shake-up of the corporate tax system as the Administration and Congress look at corporate tax reform and corporate tax inversions, which depending on their level of education may amount to higher taxes for U.S.-based multinational companies. As Congress considers a comprehensive review of the Federal tax system for individuals and businesses, U.S. companies need solid public affairs advocates in the face of proposed revenue raisers like corporate tax increases and changes to international tax rules.

Cornerstone Government Affairs is fully equipped to serve the vast array of tax policy advocacy needs from U.S. multinational enterprises to local taxpayers with these unique tax issues. Cornerstone has worked closely with the tax-writing committees and the Administration on extending several of the key business tax extenders. The Tax Practice at Cornerstone Government Affairs is led by tax professionals with over thirty years of public and private sector tax policy experience.

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