Space & Science

Providing strategic advice and practical assistance to create opportunities and develop solutions for today's space exploration and scientific challenges.


Although Cornerstone's experience in space policy is wide and varied, the primary focus in this area has been in advocacy for sufficient funding resources to continue development by both U.S. and foreign partners of the International Space Station; maintenance of the integrity of the Space Shuttle program including, where appropriate, the upgrade of technologies and systems; and the continuation and enhancement of numerous research and construction programs undertaken at both NASA facilities and at academic institutions throughout the country. Additionally, we have worked in support of NASA’s COTS program in order to keep the nation’s ability to travel to the ISS intact. Cornerstone's personnel include both former House and Senate staff with specific appropriations oversight of NASA's complex budget and programs. In addition to this hands-on experience, we have excellent working with key Congressional advocates, numerous agency personnel, and with many of the corporate participants helping to execute NASA's mission.


Just as with the abovementioned space program, Cornerstone's experience extends deep into science and research programs directed through the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as through the policy-making activities of the President's Office of Science and Technology Policy. Specific work performed by Cornerstone personnel through the NSF has been in the areas of mathematics; computer and information science; geophysics, including oceanography and atmospheric sciences; physical science; social and behavioral science; and polar programs, including research conducted in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Additional experience has been garnered through participation in the development and construction of numerous NSF sponsored projects, including new research and living facilities at the South Pole; the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland; a new high altitude, atmospheric research airframe to be operated by the National Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado; two different earthquake-related research programs, and the new Gemini telescopes located in Chile and on Muana Kea on the Island of Hawaii, among others. The breadth of experience in this field links important relationships with numerous academic institutions to both NSF and OSTP personnel, and to important decision and policy-makers on Capitol Hill.

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